A Sustainable Partnership to Beat Climate Change

According to the Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Waves), the Philippines’ natural resources is 19% of the nation’s wealth, However due to the country’s fast paced economic growth, natural resources and minerals are being challenged, alongside the increasing effect of climate change.  Given that water and electricity are essential resources every household consumes on a daily basis, depletion of water source and increasing power generation hike poses a great threat to the housing industry.

MyCitiHomes’ recent development Liora Homes Naic directly addresses this glaring concern about climate change.  Recognized to be the Philippines First 3-Star BERDE Certified Residential District the community is featured to be the biggest private residential rainwater harvesting facility in the country and the biggest rooftop residential solar farm not just in the Philippines but in SouthEast Asia, said Mr. John Philip Wang, Executive Vice President of MyCitiHomes.

Liora Homes Naic’s Go Green Movement aims to promote sustainable and responsible development, influencing developers and professionals alike  to set rights on a grander purpose of providing meaningful life for homeowners while at the same time safeguarding the environment for future generations.  


liora homes sales centre

liora homes naic amora


Efforts made by MyCitiHomes inspired organizations like the Real Estate Broker’s Association of the Philippines (REBAP) Makati Chapter, to join Liora Homes’ Go Green Movement pushing towards sustainable and responsible development.   Being  aware about issues concerning the environment is the first BIG step in combating climate change.

How Amora Model Features fits the next generation homeowners looking for Safe, Affordable and Ecofriendly Homes is the first line of communication employed by REBAP Makati towards a shared goal.

REBAP Makati Chapter Certified Real Estate Brokers spearheaded the partnership with MyCitiHomes, seeing the project to be the first mover of an affordable eco-friendly community for the middle-market.  


Source: https://www.wavespartnership.org/en/philippines

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