MyCitiHomes’ TABLET To Help Students In The New Normal

For Filipino parents, giving their children access to quality education has always been a big priority. Many have even said it is the best inheritance kids can receive. Even in current times as we all adjust to a new normal, one of the key concerns of parents is making sure their kids do not miss school. After all, education is one of the best tools this generation can have to put them on the path to a good life.

This school year’s way of learning is undoubtedly going to be different. As face-to-face school remains closed for the near future due to the health crisis, teachers and students are adapting to a new way of attending classes through online learning.  

Child Studying at Home

Education is a must 

Online learning is, of course, not easy for everyone. Students will need a cellphone, laptop, or tablet to be able to participate in the classes for the day. A strong internet connection is also needed. In normal economic times, these may be a stretch to afford on top of regular school fees for many who are part of the public school system. In these times, for families whose income has been impacted, it may be even more out of reach. 

“It pains me to see children not going to school,” says Ms. Rosie Tsai, CEO of CitiHomes Builder and Development, Inc. It is not unusual to hear of students asking for donations on social media to be able to afford tuition or gadgets just to be able to enroll this year. 

Ms. Tsai firmly believes in the chance at education being very important even in these times. “As much as possible, no child has to stop schooling. Education is the primary right of each child that will greatly benefit his or her future,” she reiterates. MyCitiHomes would like to play a part in helping the younger generation achieve more meaningful lives. 

TABLET program for deserving students and teachers

MyCitiHomes’ commitment to the welfare of our residents goes beyond housing. It is our wish that even the youngest members of our community can thrive at home in the new normal. Given this, we will be extending help through online learning gadgets to help deserving students slide into a Better Normal way of learning

Project TABLET (Titser at Bata para sa Online Learning Technology) aims to help 100 students coming from our Kaia Homes and Natania Homes community.  We will be partnering with public schools and teachers who will help identify students whose grades and school performance meet eligibility criteria. 

Students with a previous general average grade of no less than 85% are qualified to apply for the FREE gadget while teachers from the chosen school with five years tenure who do not have enough resources to conduct classes online may also be given assistance through this gadget grant.

Meaningful corporate programs

With the fast-approaching new school year, MyCitiHomes hopes that this project will help ease the financial worries of parents who may find it hard to provide expensive learning tools to their kids.

MyCitiHomes has been building from the heart for 14 years. As Filipinos continue to adapt to these ever-changing times, it is our commitment to initiate meaningful programs that reflect our values as a company. As MyCitiHomes lives up to its mission which states “In the service of God, we help people achieve more meaningful lives by building quality homes and communities”, this simple project is a meaningful way to continue to be a channel of blessings from God.