MyCitiHomes and Transportify partner to make moving home easy

For new homeowners, there are a lot of small details that they need to take into consideration as they begin life in their new space. One of the biggest hurdles from moving from their old life into the new is packing up and moving, especially as they move into their home in the new normal.  Anyone who has moved houses before will tell you it’s not so easy! There is usually a lifetime of memories to sift through, from appliances and furniture to clothes and books. Everything needs to be sorted out, packed into boxes, and transported carefully to your new home. For those moving houses in the midst of the Coronavirus health crisis, this poses an added challenge. Not only does moving have to be done within a specified timeframe and budget, but reliable movers are also needed to ensure safety and sanitation for everyone involved. 


MyCitiHomes, the real estate developer building from the heart, has considered all the small things that homeowners need in order to feel comfortable as they ease into their new humble abodes. It has always been the team’s aim to look beyond the basic needs of their customers, and this happens to be one of them.  Convenient transportation solutions Even with the pandemic, there’s no reason why 2020 can’t still be the year of major dreams coming true for Filipinos! This is why MyCitiHomes team has mulled over this problem and identified a convenient solution.


We’ve partnered with Transportify to aid in your lipat-bahay needs! You’ll be able to book Transportify vans hassle-free to bring all your personal belongings to your new house and lot in Cavite. This helps in reducing the stress brought on by moving, since Transportify is a very reliable logistics partner that will be able to coordinate spacious vans and trucks for customers at reasonable prices.  “There are three things that we do better than other developers,” says Mr. John T. Wang, MyCitiHomes EVP. “We keep in mind Security, Comfort, and Quality for our residents.” This #SCQ is at the forefront of all projects of MyCitiHomes.


The program with Transportify is just one of them, to help in building partnerships with industry players that provide customers the best value for their money.

Exclusive discounts for homeowners This service will initially be available to customers moving into Natania Homes, and Kaia Homes. To sweeten the deal, we also have an exclusive discount coupon for you to help you get started on your move-in plans! Given the pandemic, the exclusive discount has been extended from 90 days to 180 days to allow more homeowners to maximize this service. This gives you more time to plan your move-in, in light of travel restrictions of different municipalities as the community quarantine is still in effect. 


The MyCitiHomes team is very excited to help new homeowners move into their home in the new normal Commitment to innovation  The best part about this initiative is that it is a win-win for everyone involved. Not only do homeowners get a convenient solution for their moving needs, but Transportify drivers are also assured of steady customer bookings. This calls back to the idea that the real estate and housing industries have a 3.5x multiplier effect on the economy. Logistics is just one of the industries that will greatly benefit from new real estate developments. 


This may be a small initiative, but it definitely has a big impact. As MyCitiHomes continues our mission to be the preferred real estate developer for quality homes and communities, you can be assured that we will continue to adapt to the needs of our customers. We will continue to find ways to not only be different, but make a difference.  MyCitiHomes, being a member of the Subdivision & Housing Developers Association Inc., (SHDA) is committed to being one with the industry in nation-building and fulfilling the housing backlog. The bigger picture is helping customers buy homes that they can truly live in, while creating healthy communities. When you move into your house and lot in Cavite, we envision that you will enjoy your dream home that is worth your every peso.