MyCitiHomes: 14 Years of Creating Stories of Filipino Families

Buying a home is probably one of the most important purchase decisions anyone will make in his life. It’s no longer enough to settle for a small box-like transient space. These days, a home entails having the quality of life that will allow families to thrive, relax, and live. The value of a great home does not just lie in its price tag, but in the happiness of the homeowners who have chosen to settle into a vibrant community that they can truly call their own. MyCitiHomes is the real estate development company that has taken this vision to be at the center of everything we do. There may be a multitude of other developments available to homeowners, but for 14 years, MyCitiHomes is the only real estate developer that claims to build from the heart, and invests time and resources to make it happen. 

Family Living Happy at Home

With our carefully-planned communities that bring to life the dreams of Filipinos, MyCitiHomes stays true to our corporate mission of helping people achieve more meaningful lives through quality homes and communities, all in the service of God.

This is especially true right now. Many assumed that the global health pandemic will prevent Filipinos from buying and moving into their dream homes. However, MyCitiHomes quickly adapted to this. “We are in the business of addressing the needs of our customers,” says President and CEO Ms. Rosie Tsai. “We are committed to be involved in the lives of people, and to fulfill our promise of building from the heart.” But you don’t have to take it from us. Hear it straight from the proud homeowners who are on the way to living their dream life.

Flexible financing

To help people slide into the new normal, the team at MyCitiHomes has introduced several programs to help homeowners resume monthly home payments with ease. This includes a 2-month moratorium during modified and enhanced community quarantine periods without penalties, amnesty, attractive rebates, capping off with a robust rewards promo.

New homeowner Argel Fabro shared, “I am pleased that MyCitiHomes takes care of their buyers as they gave us a Welcome Back discount on our down payment which is very helpful in times like this that we are facing a worldwide pandemic.”  He’s definitely not the only one that thinks so! Reuben Gime also signed the dotted line for his home with the help of timely promos. “I am glad that you have these kinds of cashback programs that will help your customers in this crisis,” he said. “I really appreciate that you truly care for your customers.” The team at MyCitiHomes keeps abreast of any of the latest news and resources that can help homeowners. For instance, Pag-IBIG is currently offering 1% less on their home loan interest rate until December 2020, to help the economy bounce back. Buyers can maximize their membership benefits by availing of a housing loan through Pag-IBIG as the primary method of financing their dream home.

Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF)

Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF)

Whether it’s stretching your peso through bank loans, government loans, or availing of promos, MyCitiHomes has proven to be flexible by offering the best options possible. 

Excellent customer service

New homeowner Julie Ann Lina shared that the team was attentive and volunteered payment options for her. “This is a big help in this time of pandemic.” She went on to thank the customer service agents who helped her secure her home. “Thank you MyCitiHomes! More building from the hearts to come.”

Future-proof developments 

MyCitiHomes developments have been carefully thought-out to consider those who will be living in it. They take into account the needs of families as they spend their time at home at present, and anticipate what they will need as they grow older and settle into life in their community. 

Sustainable living is the other core pillar of being future-proof. The pandemic has taught us that the activities that lead our lives must be within easy reach. Masterplanned development Sabella Village will feature an Ecofarm within its vicinity. The Kaway’an Ecofarm is envisioned to be the setting for numerous environment-friendly activities, including a community garden that will enable residents to plant vegetables, flowers, and herbs. There will be an opportunity for residents to sell their goods and produce as well. The village also has ample spaces for outdoor activities and sports, all within the convenience of their community.  The long-term benefits of future-proof developments even go beyond their communities. “Property development and the housing industries have a 3.5x multiplier effect on the economy,” explains Ms. Tsai. From the construction phase, more than 70 related industries and businesses are inevitably linked to it such as construction supplies, and financing institutions like banks and government loan offices. Well-planned villages bring up the population in an area, encouraging businesses and services to operate nearby. This, in turn, creates jobs that ultimately benefit the economy. 

Core values at heart 

At the end of the day, it’s our core company values that make MyCitiHomes the preferred home and community builder. “Everything is from God, even the land we build on,” says Ms. Tsai, and indeed it is this sincere commitment to God that has allowed MyCitiHomes to touch countless lives for 14 years.  After all, a home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place where people recharge after a long workday, where families begin and grow together, and where lifelong memories are made. MyCitiHomes is more than glad to continue being part of making this story happen for years to come.