Blessing of Basketball Court

Take care of your body for it’s the only place you have to live. MyCitiHomes sees the importance of an active lifestyle in community development. Being healthy starts from a good diet and of course physical training of some sort. A lot of people are now engaged in different forms of physical training, some go to the gym for a circuit training, join a marathon or even a triathlon.

Sports related activities enables interaction that builds trust and camaraderie amongst players. The same concept applies as Amaris Homes culminated a friendly exhibition game last May 5, 2013 together with MyCitiHomes accredited brokers, agents, contractors and employees.

The day started with a dedication ceremony by Pastor Eileen Ariola head pastor of Il Giardino Residences Community Chapel followed by the ribbon cutting which was held at Amaris Homes covered basketball court. The event was also joined by MyCitiHomes top executives Vice President Mr. John Philip Wang with the President and CEO Ms. Rosie Tsai and shared the competitive streak and passion for winning with the players thus putting value to a healthy competition and a fair game play.

The Head for Sales and Marketing Ms. Marie Gomez awarded the token of appreciation to the players and participants at the end of the game. The said event spearheads the future participation of homeowners in neighborhood development with MyCitiHomes providing a venue to conduct proactive lifestyle.