Why Now Can Be A Good Time to Invest in a Starter Home

If you are a prospective home buyer intending to buy a new house for the first time, you probably find yourself at the crossroads of choosing whether to buy a starter home, or a forever home. These terms mainly help distinguish between being practical versus ideal. Where the former represents a purchase that is more affordable and the latter usually being the ideal-larger house you can save up for the future. A starter home generally resembles a house that you see could be a fitting place to live in for around a period of 5 years or so, until you are ready to move in a bigger and lifetime house. While a forever home resonates closer to your dream house, some people still find luck in spotting a starter home that they end up owning and living in indefinitely.  

Buying a home in time of crisis

Nowadays, while we limbo frail in the risks of the notorious Covid-19 virus, a lot of people are wondering if it’s still a good time to dive in the real estate market. Some studies show that while home sales have drastically dropped during a pandemic like this, prices for houses have not changed as much. The same was observed In a recent Forbes Real Estate Council article, that projected resilience of the real estate market in this time can be reassuring and a good news for home investors. 

Couple choose to weigh their housing options.

How to tell if it’s the Starter Home for you?

Many first-time home buyers struggle in decision making when presented with so many options. The question of what to buy becomes a daunting task without knowing the proper considerations and the key points to look for. 

Here are some tips to help you in the search.  

Great location

Location has always been a notable factor in choosing a home, moreso, a home in the new normal. Saving time to travel to and from work can really make a huge impact for convenience. Choosing a house close to your usual go to places is also key consideration for finding an ideal home you would want to grow to love. 

Family happily shopping at the mall. 

Surrounding Establishments

For young families starting a home, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial, recreational and business establishments that are easily accessible are on the list of their buying decisions. Nearby supermarkets and shopping malls is a must, especially around this time where buying essentials should mean a quick in and out errand run. 

Value for the Cost

Buying a starter home does not mean you can just settle with what is laid in front of you. Although cost is the main consideration for this, it can also be wise to put keen attention to the features of the prospective house. Rather than decide out of haste, it may save you a fortune to also look out for possible issues that may cause future inconveniences.

Happy family finally owning a forever home

In choosing a starter home, it is ideal to go with a developer who can offer you an affordable starter home that allots ample space, one that has more than enough potential to be a forever home. A growing province such as Cavite is one popular hotspot for real estate investments that sets the stage for owning an ideal home. According to Wikipedia, Dasmarinas, holds a population count of 659,019 people that comprise this 1st class City in the province of Cavite. Its inevitable fast growth is attributable to the rapid development of the city significantly in new townships and subdivisions sprouting in numbers. Another enticing reason to live in Cavite, is for its proximity not only to sufficient surrounding establishments, but the short driving distance to Tagaytay – a well known tourist spot in Philippines. Finally, Dasmarinas, Cavite is just a couple of hours away from NCR (National Capital Region). These are just a few vital factors in a buyers decision making. 

MyCitihomes, as one of the developers set foot in Cavite, offers starter home buyers an opportunity to find comfort in one of its extended projects, Amaris Dasma Phase 2. With their neat earth tone designed townhomes, you may discover a suitable starter home which can  potentially be a forever home, if you are seeking to live in a province not too far from the City.