The MyCitiHomes that build homes from the heart

Title: The MyCitiHomes that build homes from the heart
Publisher: Philippine Daily Inquirer
Written by: Marlet Salazar
Published Date: Monday – July 26, 2010

Among the country’s realty developers, one company, MyCitiHomes Builder and Development, Inc. (MyCitiHomes), now on its fourth year after it has spun-off from its mother company, has made its commitment to help working Filipinos build the lives they dreamt by owning homes build from the heart.

The company truly understands how Filipinos work harder, even leaving for other countries, just to make that dream come true. They have to sacrifice a lot of things to have a better life. MyCitiHomes know this for a fact and works its Corporate Mission and Vision around this premise. MyCitiHomes develops residential projects that are affordable and just right on the budget but never short in quality providing a better standard of living to many. It very much reflects its Corporate Mission of serving God by way of helping achieve more meaningful lives by building quality homes and communities.

With focus on the P1 to P2 million property market, MyCitiHomes now concentrates on acquiring, developing, selling, and financing low- to medium-cost residential projects. True to its promise, it offers compact but beautiful homes priced well within the middle-class workers’ disposable income.

However, MyCitiHomes believes that every possible homeowner deserves the best even if it costs less. The company strongly adheres to key principles – accessibility, proximity, feasibility, and growth potential – in selecting the locations of our projects.

Its communities are themed residential enclaves found in the booming centers of Cavite and Bulacan. Accessible to major business districts, commercial establishments, schools and government offices, its notable communities are the Italian-inspired Il Giardino Residences in Gen. Trias in Cavite, the classic English-designed Sterling Manors in Imus, Cavite, the Hispanic-inclined Residencia de Muzon and the Victorian-English neighborhood of Lancaster Place in San Jose del Monte City in Bulacan and the upcoming Sutton Manors in Imus, Cavite.

‘Making It Happen in 2010’

As it kicks off MyCitiHomes’ anniversary, the company launched its corporate campaign “Making it Happen in 2010” where employees gathered together to plot and strategized to give homeowners what they deserve. In it, the company visualizes itself true to their Corporate Vision of “being the preferred home and community builder known our high-value products and distinct customer program.”

As MyCitiHomes holds onto its belief of providing a better life by building from the heart, affordable doesn’t mean providing their customer inferior abodes.With this commitment, the company has completed projects in Northgate Park Executive Homes I and II and Northgate Classica Subdivision in Santo Cristo, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, Summerfield Subdivision, Barrio Osorio, Trece Martires City, Cavite, and MyCitiHomes at Grand Plaza, Imus, Cavite.

The real estate business is picking up and MyCitiHomes doesn’t rest on its laurels. The company still believes in traditional and proven financial management philosophies. MyCitiHomes vision is providing a whole new world for homeowners, specifically the often neglect Filipino working class. It creates communities which in the process fosters harmony and creates new relationships in the neighborhood.

MyCitiHomes is a property developer of residential and commercial units; a proud member of the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association with offices at 23rd Floor, The World Centre, 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. Tel. no. 864-9048 to 54.