The greener option: Why is living in Suburbs becoming the way to go

Health is wealth. A phrase most commonly used to remember the golden rule of all times. Indeed, many of us come to appreciate this fully in the emergence of a pandemic that affected the world. With the number of cases increasing day by day, we find ourselves confined to our homes for safety. Metro Manila, as one of the largely affected regions in the Philippines, has its over twelve million residents worried about public safety and scared for this threat to reach our homes. Now more than ever, the government’s realization of the need to decongest NCR gave birth to a program called “Balik Manggagawa”. Which aims to grow economies in the outskirts of Manila where residents who sought jobs in the Metro can safely return to their home provinces feeling secured with livelihoods.


Philippine Traffic.

Suburban living is a welcoming idea at this time.

Urban cities where most businesses carry on and pursue growth opportunities creates a fast paced living environment. With the amount of jobs offered in Business districts like Makati, it is understandable why we crowd the area, all in pursuit of the Manila Dream. But as we strive competitively, despite the popular perks of the City,  the stresses of City living caused by the usual traffic, pollution, hustle and bustle still gets to us. And when they do, we eagerly long for an escape. 

Here’s why some of us don’t mind a short drive or commute out of the City to live in the Suburbs.


Child feeling fresh air outside of the car.

Close to nature with Ample breathing space

The relaxing effect of the great outdoors has scientifically proven healing powers good for the mind.

When stuck in the skyscrapers of Makati or in the middle of a bumper to bumper traffic, one can just daydream of the tempting offers a calm sea, smell of fresh air or the lush greens of nature. And so, there has been an increase in home buyers seeking properties in the areas of Dasmarinas, General Trias and other towns of Cavite being the closest Suburb near Makati CBD and Alabang Business District. Cavite, with the growth of recent residential developments in the area offers a wide variety in real estate.   


Safe Neighborhood

Since population can be associated with crime rates, places with lower population densities may mean a safer neighborhood. When it comes to safety, scouting for homes in a quiet well-surrounded neighborhood where there is enough space in between households sounds like something I would put in  in the non negotiable criteria. It’s always great, if not life saving, to exert some efforts into research. There are crime-spotting tools we can utilize in the process. Such as the PNP bantay krimen mobile app among others.

House investment.


House and lot as an Investment 

Prior Covid, when filling the pot for travel, Piso Fare, cars, and foodie trips shared priority in our budget trackers, buying a house may have seemed like a far-fetched goal. However, by living in the moment, the so-called New Normal has been quite a game changer. Now more than ever, the dream of owning our own house may be a timely decision if not a wise one too. Where else better to put hard earned money but on a property with mortgage value constantly increasing.

In this stretched period of uncertainty, I can imagine a good number of people who cannot help but recall short trips to the South. Makes me yearn to live in a gated community in Dasma where all the new subdivisions line up. Including the extended project of MyCitiHomes – Amaris, where parking is no longer an issue. With its affordability, I can already see how a possible work for home can be truly appealing, or even getting used to daily trips to a Makati office.