Six Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

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Achieving your dream home is one thing, but maintaining it in its best shape is another, especially if you start to see cracks on the painted wall, dull flooring, and worn out façade.

After all, it takes commitment to keep your house well-maintained as the years go by. This makes occasional renovations and revamps a must to make sure that your place is in its ideal state.

While others see renovations as another financial burden, there are actually ways to reinvent and reimagine your place without having to spend too much. With only a dash of practicality and resourcefulness, you have the opportunity to transform your humble abode into something even better than ever before.

However, one vital thing to do before you proceed with your renovation works is to determine the areas that need some touch-ups and improvement. According to Lamudi, a plan in the form of checklist would be handy to enable you to keep track of what needs to be done.

Here are six things you can consider when thinking of renovating your homes.

Light ’em up

Most people renovate their houses to let more natural light in. The obvious thing to do is of course to create more windows. However, creating a hole to fit a window frame into is quite expensive, not to mention too tedious.

One of the more practical ways to introduce more natural light into the house is through light pipes. According to, installing light pipes is three times cheaper than drilling a wall to create a new window. The strategy is to put line the light pipes in areas such as hallways to create a beautifully structured lighting which can actually help you trim your electricity usage.

Another idea is to use thin curtains in light colors that can actually allow more light into the room. These curtains can be useful in areas where you normally need more light like the kitchen and the dining room.

Splurge on landscapes

If you are planning to change the exterior of your home, some landscaping can definitely go a long way. A well-groomed landscape will enliven any dull-looking house. Adding some color outside the house with flowers makes your place pop even more.

Start with investing on some garden essentials like flower pots and beds, some shrubs, stones in different shape and sizes, and some garden accents.

Try to gun for something that does not need too much maintenance. For beginners, a simple row of flower pots on either side of the door opening can already give a fresh look to your exterior. You can add a level it up by adding a paved stone path or stone flooring.

Maximizing spaces

Utilizing spaces is one thing overlooked by some homeowners wanting to do some home makeovers. As they say, if you want more space, increase the efficiency of the room instead of expanding its size.

For example, if you want to refurbish your kitchen, you might want to check the spaces on the wall where you can set up overhead shelves and cabinets that can provide more storage. You can also build dividers, pull-out trays, and racks.

This can also be done in bedrooms. You can upgrade your walls and make built-in cabinets or add shelves and under-the-bed storage spaces.

Paint it anew

More often than not, colors bring your house a whole different look. This way, you don’t have to spend on changing the structure of the house itself to make it new. Instead, you can invest in paint and give your house a colored bath it probably needs. You can play with different color combinations according to the mood you want your house to exude.

Customizing colors in each room is a nice idea to give the interiors a fresher and cleaner look. Opt for warm colors in the living and dining rooms and cool colors for bedrooms and bathrooms.

This would definitely be a wise move if you only have a limited budget. Just be sure to use environment-friendly paints.

You could also re-varnish wood furniture pieces to bring back their luster. Even wooden doors and window frames could be re-coated to make them more alive again.

Mirror on the wall

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Who would have thought that hanging a mirror would make such a big difference in the interior of the house? This trick actually does two things: First, it brightens the inside of the house by reflecting the light waves that hit it. Another is that it creates an illusion of space extension, especially if you put mirrors on opposite walls.

Mirrors are also great accents when placed above eye level. This will work well in the living room and kitchen. Mirrors on the ceiling are also a great idea.

Declutter and Re-arrange

If you do not want to spend a single peso on giving your house a different look, try this simple trick: edit. Take off unnecessary things that may be cluttering your living room and let the room breathe.

In order to do this, you have to stretch your creative muscle in tweaking furniture arrangement and making patterns. For instance, the painting you have in your bedroom might put give your living room another look. Or perhaps the centerpiece in your living room might work its magic when placed in the dining room.

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Few tips and tricks

The ideas listed above are some of the more practical ways on how you can remake your home. However, while it is always better to be economical, do not ever sacrifice the quality of the materials you will be using in your renovations. As Lamudi puts it, what you pay is what you get. As much as possible, seek for materials with reasonable prices and superb quality.

Another important thing in renovating is the eye for measurements. Be as accurate and precise as you can in measuring how you want things to be.

Lastly, safety always comes first. Even with just moving furniture pieces, accidents have the possibility to happen. It would not hurt to exercise additional caution in doing your home improvements.