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Sales Reservation

All reservations must be made on-line, including payment and submission of initial requirements. The procedure is as follows:

ID Picture

Step 1

Buyer to submit a scanned copy of any
government-issued/company ID and any proof of income for validation.

Provide details

Step 2

MyCitihomes will provide via email/messenger the ff. documents which will be filled-out and signed by the buyer:
✓ Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form (REPAF)
✓ Signature Card
✓ Computation Sheet

Sending of Documents

Step 3

The buyer will send back the filled-up and signed documents to MyCitiHomes for pre-qualification and evaluation.

Online Interview

Step 4

Upon approval of the reservation, MyCitihomes will schedule an on-line interview to discussed the ff. matters to the buyer:
✓ Validation of personal information
✓ Loan Computation and Terms
✓ Documentary Requirements
✓ Schedule of Payment

Sending of Payment

Step 5

Payment of reservation via:
✓ Mobile banking (BDO and RCBC)
✓ Bank Transfer
✓ A scanned copy of the official receipt will be furnished to the buyer.
The original copy of the receipts will be released by batch and will be delivered to the buyer via third party delivery services.

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Disclaimer: All computation results are for sample computation only and are not official (VAT excluded).

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