Transfer of location is only allowed within the same subdivision and is subject for Management approval. Your account must be in current payment status and not in default.

The following are the requirements and procedures to process your Request to Transfer

    1. Accounts within 30 days from the Reservation Date
      1. Inform your Sales Agent your intent to transfer
      2. Your sales agent will inform our Sales Operations Officer to check the availability of the location based on the current inventory.
      3. Upon confirmation you are advised to counter sign the following documents under the new location
        1. Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form (REPAF)
        2. Provisional Receipt (PR) given during reservation
    1. Accounts under downpayment (DP) stage
      1. Request letter addressed to the Account Management Group.
      2. Request is subject to Management approval. Your Account Officer will confirm availability of the unit in the system
      3. If the transfer has been approved you have to pay Php. 5,000.00 for the admin fee and Transfer Fee if the property value is lower than the destination property
      4. Transfer fee may be waived if the destination property is of higher value that the original property
      5. A new computation sheet will be given based on the new price less credited payments.
      6. You will be required to issue new Post-Dated Checks (PDC) based on the new computation sheet. Treasury Department will pull-out old PDCs, if already submitted.
      7. You will be asked to submit required documents for CTS preparation. All documents must be submitted within 30 days, otherwise, the payment may be refunded or forfeited.
      8. Sign new REPAF, CTS/DOAS etc

Transfer of Unit is not allowed when a unit has already been turned-over or has been fully paid. Any applicable promos from the original location will automatically be forfeited upon transfer.