Your title will be processed once the following documentary requirements are submitted and completed. Processing of Title takes approximately one (1) year:

    1. Full payment of Total Contract Price (TCP) and miscellaneous expenses and other related costs
    2. Receipt of the signed Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) from the principal buyer
    3. Availability of the Title and Tax declaration

The following documents will be released to you after the one (1) year processing period:

    1. Notarized Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS)
    2. Tax Declaration
    3. Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
    4. Tax Receipt or Tax Clearance (Real Estate Tax)

For accounts with Bank Financing Term, title will be released to the bank where the loan was availed.

To receive your Title, Tax declaration, and notarized DOAS, the following requirements must be presented:

    1. Two (2) Valid IDs
    2. If through an Authorized Representative
        • Notarized / Consularized Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
        • Two (2) Government Valid IDs of the Authorized Representative
        • Photocopy of one (1) Government Valid ID of the Principal Buyer
    3. Full settlement of payment for Real Estate Property Tax
        • If cash payment, the title will be released within 15 working days
        • If check payment, the title will be released 15 working days upon clearing of check