MyCitiHomes through its Property Management Office (PMO) shall be responsible for the general management of the projects by providing the following services:

    1. Administrative – Operational programs and policies as well as house rules and regulations for the projects. Requests, concerns, and recommendations from unit owners and tenants are handled and acted upon.
    2. Accounting – Budgets covering operational expenses are prepared and approved. Accounting records, financial reports and information are regularly prepared.
    3. Maintenance and Engineering – Regular inspection and routine maintenance of major equipment and installations are performed to ensure efficiency of operations.
    4. Security and Safety – Compliance to the Fire Code and Occupational Safety & Health standards is ensured. Integration of all security and safety measures, rules, regulations, plans and programs like security personnel for more responsive and efficient coordination and mutual assistance in cases of emergency. Coordination with the proper government agencies in conducting fire drills and orientation, safety programs to be attended by the unit owners, service providers, and PMO staff.
    5. Housekeeping and Landscaping – Formulates and implements a general preventive maintenance program covering minor repair works, pest control, and waste disposal.