The following are the requirements and procedures to process your request to omit a joint buyer or co-owner:

    1. Original request Letter addressed to Accounts Management Group and signed by the Principal Buyer, with conformity of the Joint Buyer or Co-Owner to be omitted.
    2. Updated Statement of Account (SOA) from Credit and Collection Group.
    3. Additional requirement if omitting a minor client
      1. Released waiver and quit claim
    4. Additional requirements if omission is due to death:
      1. Notarize extra-judicial settlement
      2. Publication of extra-judicial settlement
      3. Death certificate
      4. Estate tax (if applicable)

Once all requirements have been submitted to your Accounts Officer for approval of request. A Waiver of Rights document will be given for your signature and notarization. The notarized Waiver of Rights document should be returned for preparation of Sales Amendment Form to update the system.

Once the system has been updated, a Certification that the name has been omitted will be released. Changes will be reflected on the DOAS upon full payment.