1. Buyer shall fill out an Application for Construction House/Extension/Fencing (ACHEF) form, and submit the following requirements for approval by CITIHOMES’s Planning & Design and Engineering Departments:
        1. Five (5) sets of building plans and Bill of Materials (signed and sealed by licensed Civil Engineer or Architect).
        2. Structural computation of design (for major structural modification).
        3. List of hires Workers and authorized representative w/ 1×1 ID pictures.
        4. Homeowner’s Association Clearance (if applicable).
    1. Buyer pays the following applicable ACHEF fees as follows.
        1. Construction bond – Refundable
        2. Admin and processing fee – Non Refundable
    2. While the ACHEF is being processed, buyer secures building and/ or fencing permits from the office of the Building Official. This may also be done priot to application with CITIHOMES for the ACHEF.
    3. After approval of ACHEF (+1 week), Buyer claims a copy of approved ACHEF and presents this to Site Management for orientation of subdivision rules and regulations regarding home improvements.
    4. Once the improvements are complete, Buyer shall accomplish a Request for Inspection and Construction Bond Refund Form and submit the original approved ACHEF & Official Receipt for Contruction Bond deposit. If the Homeowner’s Association has been established, their clearance shall be required. Once done, the request form shall then be sent to CITIHOMES Head Office for processing of the refund