The following are the requirements and procedures to process your request for Change of Name or Transfer of Ownership

    1. Original Request Letter
    2. Executed Transfer of Rights Contract between signed by the original Principal Buyer and co-Buyers with conformity of the New Buyer
    3. Signed new Reservation Agreement of the New Buyer
    4. Photocopy of one (1) valid Government-Issued ID of the New Buyer
    5. Proof of Billing of the New Buyer (must be the latest billing statement and should be the same with the billing address in the new Reservation Agreement)
    6. Updated Statement of Account (SOA)
    7. Administration Fee of PhP 5,000.00 + Php. 10,000.00 shall be collected upon approval
    8. Clearance from Property Management Office (PMO) if original buyer has already occupied the unit
    9. Proof of TIN of New Owner / Notarized Waiver of Rights

Fully Paid Accounts or Accounts with Penalties / Unpaid Payments will not be allowed Change of Name or Transfer of Ownership. Only the Principal Buyer can request for Change of Name or Transfer of Ownership.

The new buyer shall be interviewed, shall be subject to Net Disposable Income (NDI) investigation, must submit completely filled-up and signed REPAF together with documents in accordance with the “Buyers’ Undertaking to Submit Documents” checklist as if the account is a new sale.

Once all requirements have been submitted to the Accounts Management Group, will assess the documents for processing of the Notice of Approval (NOA) for Pag-IBIG financing and Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for bank financing.

    1. A new CTS shall be executed with the new buyer for the outstanding principal
    2. No interview is needed for the new buyer if the account is fully paid
    3. Once approved, the account’s ledger, paid interest and principal shall all be transferred under the name of the new buyer.