Association Dues are assessment of the community’s regular operational expenses based on the operating budget and projected expenditures for the year. This is collected monthly and comprises the unit owner’s share of expenses including, but not limited to, the following:

    1. Operational expenses
    2. Garbage collection fees
    3. Minor repair and maintenance of common area facilities, amenities and machineries
    4. Office expenses of the Property Management Office
    5. Permits and license fees paid to the government such as sanitary permits, fire safety inspection certificate, Real Property Tax for common areas, among others
    6. Salaries and professional fees of employees of the Subdivision Providers (Property Manager, Property Management Staff, Security Personnel, housekeeping, etc.)
    7. Pest control services in common areas

Also part of the Association Dues but billed separately are utility expenses for the common areas such as water and electricity.

The Property Management Office (PMO) is largely funded by the Association Dues paid by its residents.

Payment of Association Dues will automatically start from the day your unit has been accepted or deemed accepted. Corresponding penalties and interests will be imposed on late payments.