The following are the requirements and procedures to process your request to add a Joint Buyer or Co-Owner:

    1. Original Request Letter addressed to the Accounts Management Group and signed by the Principal Buyer with conformity of the Joint Buyer or Co- Owner
    2. Signed Reservation Agreement of the Joint Buyer or Co-Owner
    3. Photocopy of one (1) valid Government-Issued ID of the Joint Buyer or Co-Owner
    4. Proof of Billing of the Joint Buyer or Co-Owner (must be the latest billing statement and should be the same with the billing address in the new Reservation Agreement)
    5. Updated Statement of Account (SOA) from Credit and Collection Group
    6. Proof of TIN of Additional Buyer
    7. Only the Principal Buyer can request for additional ownership.
    8. Only one billing address should be declared, even for Co-Buyers with different billing addresses.

There are no limits or restrictions to the affinity or co-sanguinity of the two borrowers for Inhouse financing;