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“It is with sincere gratitude that you are giving a 10% discount for July 2020 amortization (Rewards from the Heart) and we are also happy to accept it. Such amount will go a long way during this time that everyone is affected of this Pandemic. I am praying that this discount will not greatly affect your business as well. Sharing the blessings will be returned to you a thousandfold.” -L. Agdon

Sabella Village Buyer

“I’m Argel Buyer of a property from MyCitihomes and I pleased that they do take care of their buyers as they give us a welcome back discount on our down payment which is very helpful in times like this that we are facing a world-wide pandemic. This shows that the developer truly care to their customers by giving them all the help that they could need. Thank you MyCitihomes.” A. Fabrio

Amaris Homes Dasma Buyer

“Good day, Thank you for giving us a discount for this month of June. This is big help in this time of pandemic. Thank you also for Ms. Mitch who called us and guided us to get the discount. Thank you MyCitihomes more building from the hearts to come.” – J.A. Lina

Natania Homes Buyer

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MyCitiHomes’ TABLET To Help Students In The New Normal September 30, 2020

For Filipino parents, giving their children access to quality education has always been a big priority. Many have even said it is the best inheritance kids can receive. Even in current times as we ...

MyCitiHomes and Transportify partner to make moving home easy September 16, 2020

For new homeowners, there are a lot of small details that they need to take into consideration as they begin life in their new space. One of the biggest hurdles from moving from their old life into ...

Strengthening Neighborhoods through Community Gardening August 13, 2020

Urban gardening has been a hot topic as of late, thanks to the challenges in food shopping brought about by the Coronavirus health crisis. Many are experiencing long queues at grocery stores, ...


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