Fund your Local Checking

Account without going out

of your Home

01 Mobile-Banking Access App

Access your Mobile Banking Application

Mobile Banking Applications:
BDO Personal Banking, BPI Mobile, UnionBank Online, LANDBANK Mobile Banking…

02 Mobile-Banking Send-Money

Select Send Money and enter the details of your checking account to be funded

01 GCash Access App

Access your Gcash Mobile Application

Enter the 4-Digit Security Pin to access Gcash Dashboard.

02 GCash Send Money

Select Send Money and enter the details of your checking account to be funded

Send to Same Bank:
*Account Number

Send to Another Local Bank:
*Account Number

03 Mobile Banking Transaction Verified

Transfer Verified

Keep a copy of the online transfer confirmation receipt for recording purposes.

Send to Bank:
*Account Name
*Account Number
*Send Receipt to

03 GCash Transaction Verified

Transfer Verified

Save a copy of the online transfer receipt from your Gcash Application and email address.

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