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Smart Buyer: 4 Ways to Find the Best Home Deal

Sabella located at Barangay Panungyanan   While buying a home is an exciting journey, it can be intimidating at times, especially when you think about the finances involved. Some people worry if they’ll be able to survive the monthly mortgage payments. Others are afraid that there might be a better home with a better price tag elsewhere. No other life decision has been so riddled with ...

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Coping in the New Normal Through Home Gardening and Sustainable Living

Home is where the heart is. A safe space for the family. A nurturing environment. A place of comfort and growth. Just some of the uplifting benefits of being home.  But in the presence of an invisible enemy, a threat as big as a worldwide pandemic can sometimes shake even the toughest foundation of a home. Because of this crisis, a lot of people now realise the importance of winning the ...

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Why Now Can Be A Good Time to Invest in a Starter Home

If you are a prospective home buyer intending to buy a new house for the first time, you probably find yourself at the crossroads of choosing whether to buy a starter home, or a forever home. These terms mainly help distinguish between being practical versus ideal. Where the former represents a purchase that is more affordable and the latter usually being the ideal-larger house you can save up ...

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The greener option: Why is living in Suburbs becoming the way to go

Health is wealth. A phrase most commonly used to remember the golden rule of all times. Indeed, many of us come to appreciate this fully in the emergence of a pandemic that affected the world. With the number of cases increasing day by day, we find ourselves confined to our homes for safety. Metro Manila, as one of the largely affected regions in the Philippines, has its over twelve million ...

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MyCitiHomes’ TABLET To Help Students In The New Normal September 30, 2020

For Filipino parents, giving their children access to quality education has always been a big priority. Many have even said it is the best inheritance kids can receive. Even in current times as we ...

MyCitiHomes and Transportify partner to make moving home easy September 16, 2020

For new homeowners, there are a lot of small details that they need to take into consideration as they begin life in their new space. One of the biggest hurdles from moving from their old life into ...

Strengthening Neighborhoods through Community Gardening August 13, 2020

Urban gardening has been a hot topic as of late, thanks to the challenges in food shopping brought about by the Coronavirus health crisis. Many are experiencing long queues at grocery stores, ...


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