Coping in the New Normal Through Home Gardening and Sustainable Living

Home is where the heart is.

A safe space for the family. A nurturing environment. A place of comfort and growth. Just some of the uplifting benefits of being home. 

But in the presence of an invisible enemy, a threat as big as a worldwide pandemic can sometimes shake even the toughest foundation of a home. Because of this crisis, a lot of people now realise the importance of winning the battle by living a healthy, balanced life. On May 26, 2020, The World Health Organization released its Manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19, which mentioned promoting healthy and sustainable food systems as well as  building healthy liveable cities among the prescribed ways. 


Health & Exercise are Keys to Survival

WHO also revealed in previous years’ statistics, a concern in global public health that indicated approximately 3.2 million deaths each year were due to physical inactivity. It further prevailed that the South East Asian region showed the lowest percentage of insufficiently active men and women (15% for men and 19% for women) among other WHO regions.

Some reasons for physical inactivity noted in this study included the following;

  • High-density traffic
  • Low air quality/pollution
  • Lack of parks, sidewalks and sports recreation facilities


Opportunities for exercise

In the midst of this uncertain time, MyCitiHomes revives hope for a safe space through their mission of bringing quality homes to communities: an eco-friendly masterplan in the form of “Sabella”. Nestled in the lush greens of General Trias Cavite, the project was developed with both physical and emotional wellness of families as its priority.

With the goal of promoting fitness and exercise as a way of keeping healthy, MyCitiHomes introduces a feature that stands out amidst its usual village amenities. A linear pathway conducive for jogging, brisk walking or strolling within the subdivision. It stretches from tip to tip, giving owners direct access to the pavement as soon as they step out of their doors.

Couple jogging in the park.


Planting in our homes

With most of us finding ways to thrive in this New Normal, many see plants as means of survival, security, and comfort. Home gardening or planting is now gaining much popularity in social media as people discover relief in growing plants while constrained to their homes.

Square Foot Gardening. 

Planting has had many historical resurgences and has broadly contributed to developments of civilizations, old and new. It’s this potential for positive change in our society that MyCitHomes wants to leverage on by supporting the Department of Agriculture’s 8 Paradigms to level up Agriculture by promoting small size farming within villages. 

Sabella makes vertical gardening doable and practical for their residents. Imagine sustainable living. At the Sabella’s Weekend Fresh Market, you can sell the produce you harvest, from either the Community Garden or straight from your backyard. 

For nature lovers and health seekers, Sabella is the ideal find: haven for growing a healthy and bountiful family.