Homebuying 101: Bank Financing

1. Reserve it

  • Choose your property
  • Pay reservation fee
  • Sign and submit sale documents

2. Get Oriented

  • Complete submission of buyer’s documents
  • Issue Post-Dated Checks
  • Pre-signed Agreements

3. Stay Updated

  • Submit updated documents 3 months before Full DP
  • We will start building your home

4. Get Approved

  • Submit Loan Application to bank
  • Pass Credit Investigation (CI)
  • Sign Letter of Guarantee & Loan Release from Bank

5. Apply for Move-In

  • Receive Invitation for Move-In application
  • Attend Move-In Orientation
  • Pay move-in fees

6. Move-In experience

  • Pick a day for house acceptance
  • Go to site
  • Accept your new home
  • Move-in

7. Customize your home

  • Apply for improvements
  • Submit construction bond
  • Get construction permit and have fun customizing

8. Get your title

  • Signing of final docs
  • Complete full payment
  • Go to bank to get your title


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Disclaimer: All computation results are for sample computation only and are not official (VAT excluded).

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