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CitiHomes Builder and Development, Inc. (CitiHomes) is a domestic corporation established in March 1983 to engage in the business of real estate development.

Our major business activities include the acquisition of raw land properties, the development of these properties into residential subdivisions, the sale of lots, house-and-lots, and properties for commercial purposes, and the provision of a wide range of financing for our customers.

Realizing then the need to focus on the PhP0.60M to PhP2.0M property market segment, the “New CitiHomes” spun off in mid 2006 to concentrate its efforts of acquiring, developing, selling, and financing low- to medium-cost residential projects.



Guided by our Vision, Mission and Core Values, CitiHomes has adopted the following business strategies:

Practical and cautious financial management

We believe in traditional and proven financial management philosophies, with relevant innovations attuned to the needs of our fellow stakeholders and customer base. Our operations and processes, strategies and costs are constantly reviewed, analyzed and evaluated.

Concentration on core business and specialization

We remain focused on our core competency of developing low- and middle-cost housing projects. Any diversification from this primary strategy extends merely to backward and forward supply chain integration in order to better control the quality of our commitments, products, and services.

Careful site selection

The company adheres to key principles in selecting the locations of our projects, specifically accessibility, proximity, feasibility, and growth potential.

Capitalizes on strong business partnerships

We capitalize on our strong and lasting business partnerships with financing institutions, suppliers, contractors, brokers, agents. Cost savings generated out of these partnerships are passed on to our buyers in the form of quality and affordability.

Innovative construction techniques and designs

We constantly improve our products and services to adapt to ever-changing market demands. The company’s management and staff are frequently sent to trainings and seminars to improve their skills and competencies.

Creation of affiliates for supply chain integration

To improve efficiencies and overall quality of delivery, CitiHomes established, to date, three companies that serve a portion of our overall requirements and indirectly serve our customers – concrete products by Templar Concrete Products, water supply and distribution by Basic Water Enterprises Inc., and landscaping services by Faith Gardens and Ornamentals Corp.

Recruitment and constant training of key people

Realizing that one of CitiHomes’ biggest assets is our people and that the quality and capabilities of our personnel is key to our success, we constantly search for the right people and equip them with additional knowledge through continuous developmental trainings.

Compliance to its culture of Integrity

CitiHomes operates and follows the strong business ethics it has set for the companies. CitiHomes’ pro-active stance, supported by strong ethics and corporate culture training ensures that our ethics are built and sustained.

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